There are 2 main problems associated with message exchange relevant to service providers:


Ø      it is insecure

Ø      it is expensive and unsuitable


Messages currently exchanged through expensive, traditional methods, such as courier services, post or fax, are set to remain in these costly channels because of a lack of secure exchange mechanisms. Studies of the Norwegian market show that companies could easily half their costs by changing from manual/semi-manual message transmission to secure electronic exchange.


In addition, the lack of security means that complete electronic service provision remains impossible unless one chooses to overlook security problems and distribute sensitive material electronically in clear text via the internet.


The latter problem leads to a considerable risk of either breaching official requirements and regulations or good business practice. The alternative is that one tries to solve the security problem by setting up unsuitable and costly security solutions between each communicating part (such as private networks).


This problem is worst within the e-mail sector. There is an enormous volume of e-mail today as “everyone” has it. Conservative estimates show that 35 billion e-mails are exchanged around the world every month, with an increase of 30-40% over the last year.  

Even if sensitive information only accounted for one thousandth of this volume, we are still talking about a huge exposure to risk.


Professional vulnerability assessments are carried out at the behest of companies and public authorities around the world. All show that huge amounts of sensitive information are being exchanged and that official regulations and companies’ own policies for the processing of confidential information are consistently being breached.


Furthermore, the enormous scale of unstructured message exchange, such as e-mail, introduces a huge problem regarding efficiency, risk and business control. The reason is obvious; each mailbox is managed individually. Who has communicated what and to whom is not accessible to the organisation unless the individual himself ensures that information is disseminated and archived correctly. As a rule, large parts of the company’s communicated materials are beyond the reach of the company’s control systems and management. This paves the way for considerable costs and risk in connection with information loss in the decision-making processes.


Therefore, the innovation network – MESSAGE MANAGEMENT AS , is established.  Therefore, we within these pages are proud to present our Protectoria  service.


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